18K Solid Gold Hear Shaped Topaz Necklace - Ines Santos Jewellery



INÊS SANTOS was founded to celebrate the unique essence of femininity through jewellery. We believe that every person has their own style and self-expression is the most important tool for personal growth while forging the path to success.

We are proud to create our own unique designs meticulously elaborated to capture timeless elegance. Each jewel tells its own story, starting from an heritage of savoir-faire, blended perfectly with contemporary trends.

We believe that jewellery making is the definitive expression of art and craftsmanship, and each piece is designed as part of a unique and thoughtful collection.

EST. 2020

Inês Santos was founded in 2020 with the aim of designing unique long-lasting jewellery, easy to wear everyday pieces crafted to perfection.


Beyond creating beautiful jewellery, we are deeply committed to sustainability, using only durable materials and manufacturing each piece under the Responsible Jewellery Council certification.

Inês Santos, our Founder & Creative Director.

Coming from a long lineage of sculptors, tailors and embroiders, creativity runs in her veins.

"After two decades of jewellery making, I brought the brand to life to share with the world my deep passion for jewellery design with gemstones, pearls and precious metals."

“Elegance is Timeless, so is our Jewellery”